Oct 1
HLJ : Luke

User Content (UC) : The Chimera Borne (MG RX-0 Unicorn ver)
Submitted By : MatX

The Chimera is a mythological creature that Has the head of a Lion, the body of a Goat and the tail of a Dragon/Serpent, and is sometimes depicted by artists as having 3 heads (Lion, Goat and Dragon) and wings like that of a bat or dragon. I chose the Chimera more for its mythological meaning rather than the visual, though I might take a few elements of the mythos into the build.


  1. Awesome!!!

  2. What kits were used in this?!! Its so awesome!!!

  3. i would really love to buy the conversion kit of the chimera, such a beautiful sculpt

  4. wow exelent custom work

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