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Creating a Mirrored Display Base

Hey everyone! So, last time I showed off an idea I had about giving a mirror look to a Gunpla kit using the PPC-Kn61 model cover. Well, as you may have noted, that isn’t the intended purpose of that product. Instead, its intended purpose is to be a reflective base to a display case. So today, we are going to take a look at said display case.

Display Case – Intro:

Display cases come in all heights and lengths, as well as various brands. So with that, we are looking at the T Display Case (VL) Basic Black from Wave.

I’d like to quickly point out the generic-looking robot figure here, and it looks pretty cool. Reminds me of something from Gundam IBO.

Display Case – Dimensions:

So right off the bat, let’s take a look at the dimensions of the display case so we can know what exactly can and can’t fit inside.

As noted by the side of the box, it is 145mm (5.70 in) x 145mm (5.70 in) x 245mm(9.64 in).

Now that is in usable space, for I guess overall dimensions we are at 155mm (6.10 in) x 155mm (6.10 in) x 275mm (10.82 in).

Display Case:

So, here it is! The Display case itself!

Upon opening the box, the case came fully assembled, so let’s talk about disassembly.

Display Case – Assembly:

To start, let’s remove the lid.

Then the sides of the case are removable as so.

Here is a better picture showing the assembly (or disassembly).

Mirror Base:

Now for the meat and potatoes of the post. Let’s talk about the mirror base.

So, a quick recap here is the Model Cover Base Mirror Square Middle by Hobby Base.

So using the mirror base, remember we are looking at the internal measurements of the base.

Which is like 145mm (5.70 in) x 145mm (5.70 in). And that is how you want to cut the mirror base. I suggest using a straight edge or even the display base itself.

I suggest taking a hobby knife and make a line, so you know where to cut.

Then use some scissors to cut out the square.

And here we have the square!

Remove the protective film, then reassemble the case.

And boom! Here it is with the reflective base.

Display Case- in use:

And it works!

There are some limitations; for instance, some figures may be too tall or too wide to fit into the case.

On the plus side, it does fit larger figures, like MP Lio Convoy and MG Gera Doga.

Of course, the smaller the figure, the more of a dynamic pose you can do with it, but then you’ll have a lot of dead air at that point.

Honestly, I think the best use of this base is for model kits in the 1/100 scale or figures that have no or clear bases.

Final Thoughts:

And with that, I think this display case is a really great thing to have for collectors or hobbyist enthusiasts. Be it you collect static figures or you work on model kits. I guess in terms of gunpla, using it for 1/100 kits would be the best use. You could put your custom 1/100 you worked hard on and proudly display it in its own personal case.

I hope this review helps out those looking to display that one special figure or anyone curious about these display cases.

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  1. What would you recommend for 1/144 gunpla kits ?

    • Yes, just know you would have a lot of empty space above it.


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