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Syokon-Ki: Three Kingdoms Mecha Girls

Gomora Kick / Kaiyodo International has started a new model-kit series, Syoyon-Ki! Based on the “Three Kingdoms” stories, this series translates the mighty generals of that historical tale into beautiful girls armed with mighty mechs!

Syokon-KI: Kau x Raijin – Heavy Version

First, taking a step back a bit: the manufacturer Gomora Kick often works with Kotobukiya to distribute their goods, but has also created a buzz by creating a 2-meter Evangelion 01 (which was originally just a promotional item to sell the 80cm version). However, after they realized they could make the 2m version cheaper than expected, this monstrosity made it onto the market in Japan for a whopping 1,580,000 yen (15,380 USD / 12,499 EUR)!

However, don’t fear that price; back to the two new model kits — they’re much more friendly to the average consumer. The lovely Kau comes with Goryu, a mech suit based on a five-headed dragon.

Both kits can be assembled in just their unarmored form (Kau) for those who want a cuter look!

Kau will be posable after assembly, and both she and the dragon version Goryu are moulded in color and snap together without the need for glue.

Then there’s the heavy (DX) kit version of Goryu with more armor, made to intimidate with its sheer size, all five heads, and overwhelming firepower. And there’s a light version, where she has less armor for speed and maneuverability.

Syokon-KI: Kau x Raijin – Light Version

Both come with interchangeable tampo-printed faces, and decals for their eyes.

While we only had the prototype images until now, as of this publication date we can now see these model kits in all their glory!

We love seeing all these new series coming out that are so enticing due to their colorful and intricate design!.

Preorder them now at HobbyLink Japan!

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  1. May I ask where are you getting all thoses names from? Guan Yu is literally marketed on the box, and the kit is made and sold by Ms General, a chinese company. Is Gomora Kick just trying to rebrand the kits under a different name to avoid competiting with the chinese market?


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