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Have you purchased the latest figure or r/c car and need to tell the world about its amazing detail? Or maybe you would like to document your building process with the latest Gundam or German Panzer tank? Well then this is the section for you!

Below is our “User Submit Form” allowing our viewers to voice their thoughts and passion for modeling, figures, or any products that happen to fall into the categories we explore within our site. Feel free to write up full length in-detail “build up” posts where you cover your latest model build from the ground up. Or maybe you just want to put your latest purchase under the spotlight and let everyone know why you think it’s the most amazing thing since sliced bread!

This is a section dedicated to our viewers, their opinions and their passion for the we things we love and sell. Please make sure to check out our guidelines below before posting and remember keep your posts clean and informative for the best chance of getting them approved. We may not be able to approve all of them, but with your help we will try our best.

Heres  some links of user submitted content so you can get a feel for what we like to publish!

UC Featured Content : 5 Gundam : 45 Days
UC Section : The Chimera Borne
UC Section : Review – Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion
UC Section : Honda RC166
UC Section : HPI’s Pro-D Build Up


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