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SSSS.Gridman: Max Combine DX Full Power Gridman Review

SSSS.Gridman: Max Combine DX Full Power Gridman Unboxing – Available from HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

Following the unboxing, here is the review for the excellent Full Powered Gridman DX toy from the anime series SSSS.Gridman. While this is somewhat of a departure from Good Smile Company’s regular output, it is still a very nice toy indeed.

There’s a lot to cover here, so let’s get to it…


Heracles Combine Max Gridman

Full Armor Combine Buster Gridman

Empyrean Combine Sky Gridman

Hyperlink Combine Full Powered Gridman

So if you’ve watched the show, you’ll know that each of the assist weapons can combine to form the Full Powered mode. That means that this set encompasses all of those and can combine into various forms.

The main Gridman figure is nicely done and each of the assist weapons are spot-on, too.

In addition to the Full Powered mode, you can also combine the assist weapons into the standalone Zenon form.

However, this DX set doesn’t include much in the way of diecast, so the result is something a lot lighter than you would expect.

You also have a fair amount of assembly involved for things like the articulated hands and the various cabling. Not to mention the various stickers that need to affixed across the various assist weapons.

The articulation is all based around the main Gridman figure, as that acts as the “core” of the toy. So once everything is added it does put more strain on the central figure. This is not something that is an issue in terms of durability but it does limit the scope of movement somewhat.

That said, this is a joyously fun toy to play with. While I didn’t fully extend the legs in Full Powered mode (shown above), it captures the anime design wonderfully and is surprisingly affordable for something so complex.

Admittedly, I would have loved a more chogokin type figure but that would have greatly increased the price and this DX set is still very playable.

Overall, if you enjoyed SSSS.Gridman then this is pretty much the best toy set from the series and comes highly recommended.

Get yours here:
SSSS.Gridman: Max Combine DX Full Power Gridman

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  1. Favourite mode has to be the Heracles mode. Reminds me of both MOTU FISTO and Fallout New Vegas FISTO. “please assume the position…” 😏


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