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Space Pod Crab 03 (Limited Reproduction Ver.) by Wave – Part One – Unboxing

Space Pod Crab 03 (Limited Reproduction Ver.) – Available from HobbyLink Japan

IMG_4387Who? What? Why?

This review has dropped me right in it…

My normal thing would be to extract an interesting aspect of the model’s background, company lore, setting or whatever and expand that into something enlightening before I crack open the box itself.

There’s not much to say here… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Keiko are an odd Chinese outfit who seem to be making rather ‘generic’ waves in the model world of late (being distributed locally by Wave), but I do not mean this in a bad way. This kit is called a Non-scale space maintenance pod, but will fit very nicely in a sort-of 1/48 to 1/50 scale thing…

It has no brand, no label, no attached anime and, therefore, no hangups about being modded.

So, if one forgives the usual lack of lore on this unboxing lets get directly into things…

Ye Gods. I feel a bit grubby… ๐Ÿ˜€



IMG_4390 IMG_4391 IMG_4392 IMG_4393 IMG_4394 IMG_4395 IMG_4388 IMG_4389


IMG_4397 IMG_4398 IMG_4399

Simple and Direct

IMG_4400 IMG_4401 IMG_4402 IMG_4403 IMG_4404 IMG_4405 IMG_4406 IMG_4407 IMG_4408 IMG_4409

Can we even have a conclusion here…?

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I don’t dislike this thing. I actually love it.

I might be a little crestfallen that I cannot go on my normal ramble, but let’s not let lack of a story get in the way of the potential of this thing. Right off the bat, I was suckered in with the possibilities and modular nature of the kit. I do a good many Gundam kits, and can always use ANYTHING that can be fitted into the collection.

So, in this case, I’ll be making this up as a Moonbase Alpha Engineering Unit to go with the new Round 2 Eagle (assuming Platz get off their arses and import the thing for the Japanese market).

Did I say it?

I should have said one of them… This being a double pack after all.

In the original Keiko run, the second version of the kit was cast in clear styrene so that you could have an ‘engineering’ view. In the Wave version, however, they seem to have picked whatever random colors were lying about in the plant.

I knew I picked the wrong day to quit drinking X19 Smoke.

Forgive the brevity here, I really don’t have much to say about the kit out of the box, save that it has a great deal of that potential.

Part Two will see how that potential is comes out.

Dr. Robodaz – a little discomforted, but rather intrigued.

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