Jun 9
HLJ : Luke

Follow Scott through the Fine Molds’ booth as we check out some US Military muscle in the form of Fine Molds’ latest 1/20 scale jeep. Scott also has a sneak peak at some plastic models of SF mecha by manga legend Leiji Matsumoto that are currently in development from the popular show “Star Blazers”.

Products featured in this video.


  1. I am fairly sure that both of the Leiji Matsumoto models were featured in the first episode of Battle Ship Yamato/Star Blazers. If I recall correctly, Kodai’s older brother captained the missle frigate while Captain Avatar (forget the character’s original name) had the flag ship.

  2. Follow up to above… regardless really happy to see these kits, and pardon for the brisk nature of the first post. I blame it being a late night (my time) and my entire team getting wiped on my X COM game just moments before hand. Thank you for posting these movies from the Shizuoka show.

  3. Any release dates on the Leiji Matsumoti 1/500 spacecraft?

  4. That jeep is awesome, but I’m surprised but the detail shown on 1:20 scale model which is surprisingly realistic. and I loved the models of space battleships designed Matsumoto Leiji might say when will be sold.

  5. Actually Charles, those designs are really, really close to what appeared in Yamato, but I’m told (by Fine Molds) that they’ve been altered slightly, presumably to avoid licensing issues.

  6. Thank you for making me aware of that fact. I look forward to picking the Matsumoto kits in the future.

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