Jun 7
HLJ : Luke

Bandai bring out all the stops at every show they attend and Shizuoka was no exception.

With their upcoming release of “Real Grade” Gundam and new One Piece figures its looking to be an exciting year for Bandai!


  1. Looking forward to building one of those Real Grade! A little disappointed that the inner frame is all pre-built. But it still looks like it could be awesome.

  2. Really love the Real Grade kits. Oh, the possibilities. I really want a Real Grade Sentinel!

  3. Any idea if they’re going to figurise any of the other riders from the franchise? I would love to see a figurised Ichigo.

  4. The multi-material injection they use in the frame is a neat trick, but not at all a new one. They did it with the original High Grades in 1990… it was a prominent feature of the inner leg frames of the MG Gundam v1.5… All the poseable Perfect Grade hands have it, as do many of the newer MG hands… And it’s the same method they used for the (annoying) MG Zaku v2.0 power cables, as well.
    Basically there’s the “inner” and “outer” layers of the assembly – I think they must inject the “inner” parts first, then move them to a tool for the “outer” parts and inject the plastic for the “outer” parts with the “inner” parts already embedded inside…

  5. Bandai 1/72 VF-171 Nightmare Plus, please?

  6. isn’t part of the fun of building doing every little thing yourself?

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