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RG RX-78-2 Gundam


Submitted By: Gallen

Hello fellow Gunpla builders.

A couple of weeks ago, I got the RG Gundam.This kit is amazing, why? Because its like a tiny MG kit at 1/144 scale.
I built it with a silly grin on my face (almost throughout ^^). I opted for a straight build and used clippers/knife to insure a nubless free look. Well, almost … But, Bandai seems to be getting close to hidding those nubs.

I applied some paint with Gundam Markers, gold marker for the bronze parts so I wouldn’t have to use the stickers. Wanted to apply Matt coat but it’s too cold to do so, coating would “frost” with drying, which happened to the beam rifle D:


Very detailed, almost on par with MG kits. Many stickers/decals to apply just like the 1/1 scale statue.Many molded coloured parts, no painting needed otherwise.


Draw backs with the RG kit is that it’s detailed that it has some delicate parts. Such as the head vulcans (yellow vulcan parts), it can easily snap, which is what happened to my build, the piece was tiny and a tiny bit of glue would eat it clean (hahaha). om nom nom says the glue. So, building the kit, you got to take extra precautions and planning ahead. ^_~*

I like this kit so much, I’ve brought another one along with the RG Zaku II.I’m planning to get some red paints/cans to make RX-78CA, Char’s version. :)And top coat the kits when I feel ready X3

This is a kit I recommend to RX-78 Gundam fans and Gunpla builders.

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  1. Great work. I think i’m gonna get a gold marker myself for the bronze parts. The decal keeps piling off the side.
    I bought this kit back in February. My first kit ever, without having a clue about gumpla. Even for a fist timer its was a lot of fun to build.
    I want to add that my only disappointment was when i realize it didn’t come with a base for it.
    And i just can’t get that pose where is kneeling and shutting forward.
    P.S: Looking at the pictures i just realize you can change the angle of the shield XP

  2. @ZY EX – I also got it at the beginning of the year, it took a while for my post to come up ^^;

    No base came with it, but I’m still pretty happy with this kit. Though I think I would be disappointed with the next Aile Strike, no base for that kit. Plus its going to be back heavery ^^; (Going to get myself a 1/44 action base!)

    I couldn’t get it to kneel down like the MG Zaku II’s aswell. In the end, I have my RX in standing position for display along side Sinanju (Robot Damashii ver)



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