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“Noogie” Interaction Scene


Hey all, this is my first post on HobbyLink.tv I love setting up these Gundam model kits and putting them in comedic or epic poses and scenes. It’s always a blast getting these things to interact. I call this one “Noogie”Included kits: 1/100 GN-0000 + GNR-010 00 00 Raiser (00 Gundam portion only)1/48 RX-78 Gundam.

In the background is a Carl Jung action figure, a revoltech Eva unit 00, and a Merry Christmas Boba Fett with Carbonite Han Solo. All of which belong to my roommates.

The RX-78 kit I found was surprisingly simple despite its size. I would liken the complexity to an upscaled 1/144 model, completion time being about 2-3 hours with swift hands. The impressive aspect of course is its size. The thing is massive and because of that is surprisingly sturdy. Not an hour before I snapped this photo, the model fell off the 7 foot bookshelf and onto the floor. No parts broke and only the faceplate came off, which was easy to reattach. It comes with two replaceable hands which snap into grooves in the weapons so you can pose them. I currently have the open fist set attached.

The 00 Raiser kit by itself is the more impressive one. Although it lacks about three of the seven swords, it is more or less a fairly sturdy model. My only real complaint is that the head seems to not want to stay attached. Despite being smaller than the RX-78, it has a lot more articulation in the limbs, even going as far as to include the frame and double elbow and knee joints as most modern master grades do. Like the Rx-78, it has replaceable hands but you can simply slide the weapons into the holes between the thumb and fingers.


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  1. lolz nice one 😀


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