Jun 15
HLJ : Luke


Submitted By : Sam Hoskins

Ok HLJ viewers I’m going to keep it short and sweet. For a long time I have admired other builders on what they have done on the Master Grade Kampher.  And so I took it upon my self to modify not the 1/100 scale kit but rather the 1144. So I started by thinking what mods I could do to it and thought “ hey in the story it has very little armor so why not put add on armor on it”.  The aim in mined was to make it look like a flak jacket. I then added rivet detail parts to the corners of as many of the plates as I could .

Other body work was adding one more big thruster to the back. I also added a heat knife to the left arm which riley is a Gijoe knife.  And then I customized one of the shot guns. I thought I would be cool to make it sort of like a mobile suits version of a 45-70 Winchester in that its just a riley big gun. And then I did detailing to the extra magazines to solve a problem that stock mobile suites have ,that being no extra ammo. The last thing I did to it was the addition of propellant tanks to the back to solve the Kamphers problem of low operation time. they are removable and a bazooka can go on ether of the latch points.

So that’s it HLJ and Gundam Fans I hope you like it Sam Hoskins

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  1. Thats wicked looking! Great job

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