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MG Full Armor Gundam


User Content (UC): MG Full Armor Gundam
Submitted By: Ghostychan

So, as Syd asked in the previous episode of Gunpla TV – ‘what’s your kit of the year?’ (no accurate quote) – well, I only bought 4 2010 kits this year, so the choice was easy for me – the MG Full Armor Gundam!

Why? Either because I wanted to order the old grade kit just weeks before the announcement, and was really thrilled, or because it just feels much more ‘military’ than the festive RX-78-2,…. and it’s green! Reminds me of a Zaku! And we all know, that everyone loves Zaku!

Well, I tried to install a LED inside the head – and it worked, and the wire runs all the way from head to toe, making it not visible – I wanted to use a solar lamp as energy source, but for whatever reason, this doesn’t work anymore,… so I might just end up using 2 AAA batteries and a switch instead,…. anyways, onto the Gundam itself.


The FA Gundam has, like the name suggests, additional armor – being able to remove the armor and slap it on is nice, however, having painted mine, I don’t want to do that too often, and the PU strips just suck, so I glued them onto the standard RX-78-2 Armor,… yea, I know, gluing PU doesn’t work that well, but it’s enough to beat gravity. Other than that, I can’t really find any complaints on this model kit, except for the V-Fin to be green – I painted mine ‘white’, in order to make it stand out. Also – I may not have that much knowledge of the science of the Universal Century – but placing the Beam Saber right underneath the backpack thrusters? I hope the beam sabers don’t go *boom!* >_o

Long story short – besides these PU strips, you have some nice RX-78 2.0 in some military colors,… or at least green.
Now, if Bandai would put the MG Gelgoog Cannon back on their production schedule, I could have a nice antagonist for the FA Gundam.

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  1. Hi Ghostychan.
    Great build. Great colors too. Interested in ur LED install setup. Do u have any picts of it, especially in progress? Love to hear from u soon.

  2. Nice work, just got this bad boy myself. I’ve had the same problem the double sided foam. Also having problems with the legs staying on when I change poses. Glad to see I’m not the only person who thinks that the V-fin should have been a different color.

  3. According to Gundam lore, the antagonists for Full Armor Gundam would be either Shin Matsunaga or Johnny Ridden, so you could pit this guy against either one of their Zakus ^_^


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