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    is there anyone who doesn’t mind doing custom gunpla on commission please let me know. i am looking for people who can bring my ideas to life, only reason i dont do it myself is because of a lack of time and a very unsteady hand.

    • Depends what you are looking forÞ

      • Someone who can do kit bashes and hard core modifications and custom well as people whoa re good at weathering and battle damage and custom paint schemes.

    • I’ve done commissions in the past, but I normally run off basic ideas provided by the customer, and then use my own judgement on what to do from there. Like if you wanted to combine two or more specific kits into a single MS, with a basic Idea of what you’re wanting and particular color scheme, there are a lot of people that could do it for you. If you’re looking for someone to create completely custom parts, then you’re needing someone with a back ground in sculpting(from scratch, not just modification).

      Out of curiosity, what is the kit bash your looking for?

    • Currently i dont have any immediate projects in mind. I am just trying to see who can do what for when i do get ready to start a project