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    Here’s my current build, the main suit itself is pretty much done. Still waiting on the restock of TS39 to come in, then I can finish the backpack. So far it has been a really fun build!

    • That looks absolutely amazing!

    • i wana say Photoshop because dame thats a Clean build, nice job bruv.

      Did you use spray cans for painting?

      • Yup, yup, cans. TS stands for TamiyaSpray. Some people get amazing results with cans… I still prefer an airbrush though.

    • Did you have to mask the black pieces to get the silver emblems? Been thinking I want to try painting mine instead of using the decals.

      • Yes yes, I sprayed them black first followed by matte top coat. Masked then hand painted the silver using X11.

        • Cool. Not too confident in my gundam marker or brush painting skills to get the gold on there, but practice makes perfect as they say. Lol!

          I recently heard about a reverse panel wash so may try that as well and see what the results look like.

          • For sure, the amount of kits I destroyed just trying things… well… it really is down to the experience. For the most part, I don’t think there is ever a right and wrong to technics.

    • Thank you guys! I would love to try an airbrush, limited by space and neighbors ^^

      • did you use a top coat on the red? and what one did you use?

        • For the red parts I used the following steps :
          Mr. White Surfacer > Tamiya Gloss Aluminum > Tamiya Mica Red.
          No topcoat was used.

          As for my choice in topcoats :
          Gloss : Mr. Super Clear Gloss
          Semi / Matte : Tamiya