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    So, who here thought that the Denial Gundam was awesome?
    • The secret technique of the Jigen haou school is super saiyan?

    • You know, I kind though of that when the “beam hair” suddenly appeared on the Denial Gundam. I’ll bet you next week’s fight is going to be loaded with toxic amounts of awesome.

    • I wasn’t really a fan of it, I like the color scheme. That’s about it I feel if it was on another suit it wouldn’t come off so edgy. The name doesn’t help either, Denial…really? 3edgy5me. This whole episode just felt kind off of, slow I guess I dunno. Abulhool getting a Cameo was neat though. (The F-22 looking thing)

    • I love it. Seriously, I need a model of it now.

    • I liked the V Dash ad, in the middle of their fight.

    • I wonder if the beam hair is gonna be used to entangle the BB. Damn don’t remember what show its from but I remember some show where a character fought using hair it was weird as hell.

    • I want the Abulhool!

    • I loved it! Like BossGuy I really really want a kit to be made.

      Also, I had almost forgotten about this little refuge.