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    Just throwing up another two photos of the WingZero.

    • And indeed it does look nice! I like how you kept the wings brighter than the rest of the kit. From your experience with the kit, it explains why most people just stick it in one pose and leave it alone.

      • Holy moly, you work fast. That looks EXCELLENT. I love every part of it. It’s natural for it to be the most poorly designed kit that you have because you’ve only built the top quality models so far.

      • Yeah, in the end I kept the wings white and just top coated them to avoid more joint issues that plagued this model. And I ended up finishing much sooner, which was a plus.
        Glad you all like the white wing white glove angel. I’ve never had to carve pegs or bore holes or clamp parts on any kit before, not on any HG or NG I have built before. I might have just gotten a poorly molded kit, but it was a nightmare. But I guess it was worth it.

    • Your WZC looks awesome man. The whole tone of the kit really comes together very well. Awesome job man.

    • Excellent work with Wing Zero. But where are the epic Buster Rifles??

      • Thanks all, the forums were a big help. V0LTES did catch me on my laziness though… the busters are still skewered, awaiting the day I paint again. I am having quite an issue picking the next kit though so it might be awhile.