• Zenki style posted an update in the group Group logo of Gundam Forums Gundam Forums 9 years ago

    Finished the paint on the gm,I’m definitely in love with my airbrush,hope you guys like it!

    • GM’s always come first as my favorite mobile suit, because their sheer simplicity makes them look extremely good. Great airbrush work, and good choice of colors as well.

    • looks good man!

    • Lovely finish on this and the colors are a perfect fit. What happened to that area on the torso by the vents? Looks like a bit of the tan got on it.

      • ace replied 9 years ago

        Looking good. You should put the gm head on that ground gundam in the back ground haha!

        • Thanks guys! Can’t wait to do some more with my airbrush. And I’ve actually done that one ace lol, honestly kinda of want to kitbash the gm chest with gundam parts to make a custom ground gundam but I probably won’t because I’d have to buy three kits to do what I want too.

      • I had not noticed it before you pointed it out but that’s where the black got rubbed off the oarnge putting the vents back in,thinking about taking my tamiya cotton swabs and the paint to touch it up,those vents are never coming back off I barely got them on as is.