• johann cleveland posted an update in the group Group logo of Intermediate Modeler – Modeling Competition 2013Intermediate Modeler – Modeling Competition 2013 7 years ago

    okey here my idea for the paint schem to make it close to the ecto one let me now what u guys think

    • vCJD replied 7 years ago

      Looks very neat, to quote a design credo, “Simple yet effective”
      The masking will have to be quite accurate, but it will look very good I think.

    • Squee replied 7 years ago

      Haha, that looks pretty cool! At first i thought it was a suit from f90 from the thumbnail. I don’t see a problem with masking, all of those parts with color can be painted separately.

      My question is for the lights on the shoulders, how will you deal with redoing the clear red parts?

      • yeah never detl with repainted clear plastice , and considering thiers no real lighting on the suit so i dont now.

    • Like your line art concept. Are you going to arm it with a variant of a proton pack? If so which variant are you going to go for? Classic or Extreme? In addition will you also go for a ghost trap for it?

      • clasic pack with a vareint proton for ghost trap i dont now if i can make it in some time i may buy a hot toy 1/6 thats detail. what u think

    • Love the concept. Painting should be easy as you can paint by part if you plan it properly so no masking required

      • the only area that needs masking is the shouldes and the head fin.. those decals are going to kill me XD