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    W.I.P. #2.

    Kit has been primed and a new weapon has been added. Still can’t decide on what color scheme to give it.

    • That is a very nice build. im a fan of massive weapon payloads and this thing is great, i am truly in awe of this beast. I might recommend an orange and grey color scheme for this. Cant wait to see how it looks with some color

    • Orange and grey… so something close to the Thunderbolt Zaku I color scheme? In theory it doesn’t sound like a bad combo, but unfortunately I don’ t have any orange paint on me right now. I was thinking of giving it the color scheme similar to the Kerberos Squad from Jin-Roh but I might just toss that idea to the side.

    • Try a light ghost grey, and white color scheme. adding colors like black here in and there for contrast. The missiles would look nice with red nose cones, and obviously that Zeon emblem should be in gold(or yellow). The grey and white will make things that have colors like the missiles, emblems, etc really stand out. Plus you can use a cool name for it like “grey ghost” or something like that(unless you have a name for it).

    • Hmm looking at the primer grey and hints of purple give me some ideas for this kit. Look forward to seeing the finished product.