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  • beaverboy posted an update in the group Group logo of Intermediate Modeler – Modeling Competition 2017Intermediate Modeler – Modeling Competition 2017 2 years, 3 months ago

    After gluing navigation light and spayed some top coat, The mosquito is done.

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments and supports : )

    • Yep, top notch!!!.

    • Thanks! : )

    • Looks great.

    • Super nice – do you know how to flat spot the wheels so it looks like it’s sitting on the ground? Risky once its put together probably but adds to the realism.

    • Thanks! This is how I do it, it should works on most kit except those with square wheel axle. Use the link for illustrated short version. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_beaver/32949650054/sizes/l

      1. Test fit the wheel with landing gear with no glue. To be able to adjust the position of the flat spot later, it must rotate freely. If the fit is too tight, sand the axle until the fit is loose enough.

      2. Sand the wheels together, assemble the wheels and put them side by side and wrap them tightly with masking tape. The idea is to sand all wheels together so the flat spot is the same on every wheels.

      3. Sand with metal file! the flat spot on the wheels must be flat, so avoid using sand paper or sanding stick because they flex and bend when pressure was applied.