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    Hi everybody, my name is Wil. I’ve seen a lot of the pictures here of custom Gunpla. I was hoping somebody could help direct me to someone who takes commissions, I love gundam but I suck at kit modeling and kitbashing is beyond my league. I respect the amount of time that goes into these builds. I was hoping someone would know anybody who takes commissions, possibly in the USA so I can spend money on the commission and not the shipping?

    • lupes, and goodguydan gunpla are in the us

      • Yeah, goodguydan and I discussed commission work and he has been a big help. I came across a lot of lupes’ work but was never able to get any communication started with him?

        • i dont think he does anything anymore the last i remembered was his compressor broke i dont know if it was replaced or not but eversince then he hasnt posted tell me wht are u planning to do for a cominsion i could do it as wwell if u would like depending on the kit i could offer a good price