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    Hey guys, I just saw the FA unicorn ver ka with the red psycho frame online, a couple of days ago was pretty happy. Then I saw it was a bandai online thing and was sad. I’m not trying to sound cheap , I just don’t want to pay over 100 dollars just for the red psycho frame. So I was wondering if you can get the unicorn ova and the FA unicorn ver Ka and switch the psycho frame?

    Thanks guys

    • not sure if it would be a perfect fit. maybe painting the psycho frame parts red would be a good option?

      i was kinda thinking the same thing for the banshee final battle version

    • Of course frame parts are identical, so it is possible. If it is really cheaper for you to buy 2 kits. Maybe you can find someone who agree to exchange 2 frame runners – I guess it is not hard to find someone who want green psycho frame unicorn but without this enormous upgrades.
      The only really problem would be to find red parts for two more shields.