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    finally i got a chance to buy a PG but i didn’t have a knowledge about PG at all. Which one is the best one of all these PG?
    • I really love the Unicorn and Banshee, but I haven’t built all the ones you suggested.
      If it helps, I enjoyed building the Unicorn so much that I instantly pre-ordered the Banshee when it became available 😀

    • For me the red astray has the most awesome look.

    • I second the Red Frame, my first fully painted Gunpla.
      The details on the frame of the Strike are pretty much the same. They have great inner detail, like pistons and such.
      If you like that kind of stuff, the older kits are full with that. The MK II and the GP01 even have hatches that can be opened.
      The 00 Raiser and the Unicorn lack such things. Don’t get me wrong, was waiting for a few years to get a PG Unicorn (since I first lay my eyes on the faulted MG version) and building it was great, but I missed something during the build and couldn’t quite figure it out. ‘Till it hit me, the lack of pistons…. If you do decide to get the Unicorn, Banshee or normal, I suggest getting the LED set and paint the wires the same color as the frame so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb.
      Having that said, go for the suit that suits (no pun intended) your fancy. Everyone may/will give you another opinion.
      Like my neighbors like to say, “Wer die wahl hat, hat die qual”.
      The more choice you have, the harder it is to choose……
      Good luck 😉

    • I personally got the Unicorn for my first PG as well as the LED kit. The FA set is also incoming so it should be complete. However, the one I wanted to get the most was the RX-178 MK II, but I avoided it as I knew that once I have a taste of pistons and flawless internal details like that set has, most if not all of the newer PGs would be ruined for me.

      Is the Unicorn perfect? No. My one has weak wrists and I have seen some video reviews where people had weak shoulders and couldn’t hold up the Beam Magnum. The LED kit also fails hard when you want to go to ‘unchained mode’ (enhanced destroy mode). Unchained unlocks more of the psycho frame above the elbows, but there is no coverage of LED lighting there so that part remains painfully unlit. I can over look the lack of LED lighting for the shields and weapons (like some 3rd party kits have these days), but a part of the psycho frame that unlocks as part of a much hyped ‘unchained mode’ remains unlit? Hard to forgive… Maybe someone with modding capability can put in an LED there, but then why even get the LED kit then if you are going to have to mod in LEDs???

      If you get the Unicorn I would recommend:
      1) PG Unicorn (awesome! Get eeet!!)
      2) LED kit (excellent as long as you are not interested in unchained mode; doesn’t light up the upper arm psycho frame)
      3) Full Armor set (not recommended if you want the Unicorn on display in Unchained mode)

      Sorry if all this doesn’t help you decide, but I can only tell you about a model I have. Despite the issues, I would still recommend the Unicorn. If you really fancy the LED system, then get that together with the base kit as putting it in after finishing the build would be a massive pain. Get the FA set if you want a huge display piece. (^__^)b

    • Thank you everyone I think I got the idea which PG I should get now!!!! Thank you guys so much!!!!