• Vin.kam037 posted an update 4 years, 5 months ago

    @syd I am wondering what time are you planning to do the Live Stream build of the RG Sinanju? I always miss live streams because I am in North America and it is just a weird time for me.

    • @syd already did a live build but I’m afraid you missed it. Don’t worry though, he put up the vod of it on the channel

      Because of the ~11 hour time difference I’m sure it’d be difficult for you to check all the time, but if you go onto the youtube channel and click the “options” gear next to the “subscribed” button you can enable notifications for whenever a new episode comes up or a live stream time is set.

      Syd usually puts a notification earlier in the day that a live stream is going up so I’m sure you can catch the next one 🙂