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    Syd and Ryan, hello again!! I was thinking today about model kits that I regret buying, either due to a better version coming out (bought HG Gundam X a few months before the MG announcement) or problems with a kit (RG Zeta’s transformation gimmick [which I really regret buying]). Are there any kits you regret buying???

    • One kit I regret buying was the HG D-50C Loto twin set. It was my first set of gunpla and that kit is very flimsy due to the transformation gimmick in it. It’s also very limited in terms of articulation. It was very disappointing because I was expecting it to capture the power of the gundam UC movie and it fail to do so.

    • I think everyone got kits they regret buying and usually I tried to modified the kit or using it as and experiment kit

    • Built the old 1/100 Justice just weeks before the RG was announced, that always bugged me. Also kinda regret getting the MG AGE-1 and AGE-2, because the display just looks sad without an AGE-3 or AGE-FX. Maybe someday, stranger things have happened.