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  • The FAZZ from Gundam Sentinel gets a Version Katoki Master Grade kit from Bandai! Based on the Ver.Ka ZZ kit originally released back in 2017, this new Full Armored variant includes a new, massive Hyper Mega […]

    • giga GM

    • all dem stickers

    • This is a massive Gunpla Kit, and looks so beautiful. Thanks for the review. I hope its soon back in stock for those who pre ordered it month ago. There seem to be a huge waiting list here and in other stores and Bandai doesn’t really seem to be doing well with the production.

      Or did they only wait for some feedback and troubleshooting and launched a kind of beta version for this kit and doing now minor tweaks before releasing the next batch?

    • Ahh.. such a cool kit! I remember the original MG FAZZ kit taking a really long time to build as well, had to build the original kit and then all the armor pieces and accessories too! Looked amazing, just wished it felt a bit more solid as it felt a bit brittle to me, I’m sure this new one’s an improvement over the original!

    • Never cared for the ZZ, but this FAZZ looks lit

    • As the memes say,
      Damn boy, He thicc.

    • With the releases of:
      ▶ MG MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam (Ver. Ka)
      ▶ MG MSZ-010S Enhanced ZZ Gundam (Ver. Ka)
      ▶ MG FA-010A FAZZ (Ver. Ka)

      I think it’s quite likely Bandai intends to make MG FA-010S Full Armor ZZ Gundam (Ver. Ka) as well.
      Odds are, it’ll be a Premium Bandai release.

    • This probably has my favourite arrangement of FA, over the FA Unicorn and FA Gundam.

    • Gosh, posing this thing has to be a nightmare.

  • We take a trip to our local 7-eleven to try our luck at the new Final Fantasy VII Remake lottery! We’ll give you an overview of the convenience store lottery system, show you the prizes, and dive straight in to […]

    • Man, the G prizes look awesome, its kinda funny how the lowest tier of reward might be the most wanted, the mystery one is THE BEST xd

    • Seeing these figures is getting me even more hyped up for the game next month! Hope to bag some of them in your upcoming giveaway! 😀

    • ¥770 is about $7.36 (US Dollar).
      So this is basically IRL version of gatcha elements in most smartphone games.

      I mean since Dave played Final Fantasy XV, he has some idea of what it’s like.
      Final Fantasy VII Remake has some gameplay mechanics similar to Final Fantasy XV, but way better and more immersive, strategic, etc.

      That is pretty cool that they had this lottery prize game at 7-11 of all places.
      But I heard that 7-11 Japan does things like that and even sells some exclusive 7-11 version of GunPla.

      I hope I can win something.
      Of course I follow you guys on Twitter and Instagram.

      I mean even for the resale value, you could just buy every ticket to be guaranteed everything in the store.
      Then you could keep the ones you want and sell the ones you got duplicates or triplicates of.
      I only presume that resale value on auction sites for these things are high since these are lottery prizes.

      13:47 SPOILERS
      I figured it would be Cloud when he went cross-dressing since the Honey Bee Inn arc is in Part 1 of the remake.

    • i like this prize system
      cant get it here though

    • I want the G prizes

    • In the rest of the world, being a geek seems to be cooler than it used to be when I was a cub. But it’s still not quite as socially acceptable as it appears to be in Japan. From an outside perspective anyway.

    • Man, those figurines based on the original characters’ looks are so cool.

  • Standing 423mm tall, the new 1/60 Mazinger Z Infinity Ver. may be the ultimate Mazinger kit to date from Bandai! Much like the Mega Size Gundam kits, however, this big boy features some impressive details on the […]

  • Bandai hits the ground running this March with its slew of new releases that just came into stock! There’s only one Gundam release this week, however, with the arrival of a new Iron Blooded Orphans kit: the […]

    • Congratulations Dave 😊👍

    • I support the quest for better audio equipment. And more livestreams. Even though it means odd hours for some of us. =/

    • Glad to have the MD (Married David) back, congrats once again! Ahh.. if only I had the shelf space for that Mazinger..

    • wanna c what mazinger looks like

    • 1/60 box is huge

    • is todd going to tie the knot or is his true love is gunpla ? we will find out next episode in gunpla tv

    • Hey, congrats David!

    • Congratulations Dave! 🎉

      As long as the 1/60 Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z Infinity Ver.) has better part separation and less stickers than the original HG, I think fans would enjoy it. Perhaps this might be indication of Bandai planning to make an MG one?

      I am surprised they made HG ASW-G-35 Gundam Marchosias. That only means it’s more likely that Bandai will make HG ASW-G-35 Gundam Hajiroboshi. However, whether or not it will a Premium Bandai release is unknown, but possible.

      “Did you know she’s five apples tall?” — Todd, hobbylink.tv (Mar 6, 2020 | YouTube)
      “If you don’t know, now you know.” — Todd, hobbylink.tv (Mar 6, 2020 | YouTube)

    • Todd standing behind this huge Mazinger Box looks the same as the Kitty head on the Gundam body.

    • I want that Marchosias.

    • OMG! That 1/60 Mazinger is going to be huge, and i need that HG Marchosias it looks amazing

    • Marchosias looks nice

    • Congrats Dave.

      I grew up with Manzinger and always wanted a figure or toy but money didn’t allow for one. Guess I can’t still afford the 1/60 one but if win the coupon I’d settle for one the 1/144 HGs.

    • When an item on the site is pictured held in someone’s hand I always wonder who the hand belongs to.
      Presumably it’s a member of staff but to equate the scale of the item with the proportions of the disembodied hand is impossible.
      The mysterious hands identity remains secret allowing it the anonymity it deserves but the scale comparison still eludes me.
      It appears to be rather dainty to belong to Todd and perhaps feminine but no smaller than David’s.

    • Wow, look at that Mazinger Z….

    • Wow. Gradius IV Vic Viper is interesting kit. I’m really into shmup games.

  • This week’s new Gunpla kit has arrived: the HG Gundam Marchosias! A break from the recent wave of Build Divers kits, the Marchosias hails from Iron Blooded Orphans, and comes in a 1/144 scale HG kit. Let’s jump […]

  • The biggest Mazinger Z kit yet is here: the Mazinger Z Infinity Ver. by Bandai. The above photo doesn’t do the box justice, so here’s a better one:

    At 1/60 scale it’s going to be pretty massive when completed […]

  • We’ve got the Hello Kitty x Gundam collaboration kits assembled and ready to go — say hello! To Haro! …And Kitty!

    Bandai celebrates the 45th anniversary of Sanrio’s beloved Hello Kitty and the 40th a […]

  • Saber Miyamoto Musashi & Female Master are here from Bandai’s new(ish) line of Petitrits model kits created in September 2019. This line features “petit-sized” articulated figures, as model kits for fans and bui […]

  • This week, we brought you a look at the new Gunpla arrivals recorded live at our HobbyLink Japan studio! Tune in for a first look at the new Hello Kitty Gunpla collaboration, plus new Gundam, of course!

    In […]

    • hello RX kitty

    • like how the collection is growing

    • It was great to see Scott, the CEO of HLJ, again on video.

      They should’ve gone with the SDCS version instead of he SD EX Standard for that Hello Kitty x RX-78-2 collaboration.

      COVID-19 Coronavirus is serious and I think it’s smart being cautious and safe.
      It’s good to hear HLJ is business as usual and orders won’t have any issues.
      I’m sure people are concerned about packages from Japan possibly being contaminated.
      It’s a reasonable concern.
      But really people shouldn’t worry in that regards since viruses (from what I understand) can’t really survive long outside of the human body.

      I think the Figure-Rise Standard line up is great.
      But it would be nice to see more besides Dragon Ball.
      I know they did 1 kit from the Naruto series, which was the Naruto Shippuden version of Naruto.
      Why did they not do anymore?
      Also, it’d be nice to see Bandai branch out to other franchises like RockMan (and its many iterations).

      The SDCS PFF-X7/E3 Earthree Gundam is pretty cool, but I’m holding off for more RGs from the ‘Build’ series.
      But for the SDCS line up, I’d like SDCS releases from Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

      The ¥5,000 monthly giveaway sounds amazing!
      It’d be nice to win.

      I think the kit that Todd is thinking about the HG YG-III Gundam G-Else.
      That comes out in March 2020.

    • Scott needs to be in more of these. Thanks again for the show.

    • Got the ‘A’ team this week, cool.
      Would it be possible for you guys to show how many of each item is in stock and as they deplete?
      I wonder how many of each item HLJ orders because it seems that recently everything is ‘Order Stop’ within days when it used to be weeks. Being the largest the world I hope the experiential expansion of customer base is being reflected in stock management as under ordering could bring unnecessary shortages and disappointment, inadvertently creating supply shortages may initially promote sales however the result can only trigger negative buying trends.
      I can fully understand customers pre ordering any and everything now only to cancel in the future so an available item counter would be ideal if you would consider it.

    • Show us what exiting kits you have stored on the glass shelves on Scott’s right side, or is this a secret?

    • I’m normally not interested in SD or Hello Kitty, but together… Hmm…

    • Great! Thank you~! ^_^

    • I can’t believe a Hello Kitty and Gundam crossover exists.

    • I wonder if the Avalanche Rex will go with the new version of the Valkylander, not being red.

    • LIVE! Can’t wait to check out the Hello Kitty x Gundam kits and the new Haro.

  • Another great creation from Bandai has arrived: Figure-riseLABO Kotori Minami from “Love Live!”. Kotori’s sparkling dress makes for a stunning plastic version of organdie fabric, and the glossy finishes, glitter, […]

  • Today, Todd and Dave host a double review: the HG Soryumaru and the adorable Tamashii Girl Aoi! This release marks a special collaboration between Bandai’s Collectors Division and Hobby Division. Todd starts off […]

    • if only she could move her head up

    • better if it was black n white

    • covering her face in shame when she is in bike A mode XD

    • I like this saber/gun combo. Very nice builds.

    • It’s kinda cool, but mainly for the future kits and figs it implies shall come.

    • BNuts replied 1 month ago

      Is the shamisen weapon signs of a Tequila Gundam?

    • Love those kits! Combination seems a bit weird though, would have probably looked nicer if Aoi was just riding a combination of the 2 mechanical parts IMO, definitely an interesting concept though and hope it gets better!

    • Love Soryumaru design, looks like a great blend between a Samurai and Super Robot. He also reminds me of Gurren Lagann. The girl reminds me of Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill, so both definitely give some Trigger vibes. The combination connection point looks weird, but everything else seems great.

    • I really like the design, hopefully, if they do a next one, a lot of the bugs would be worked out.

    • Jeice and Burter anyone?

    • It’s a cool idea, but I’m still hesitant. Something about the transformations looks off to me. And the Figuarts figure on its own is not spectacular either.

    • This figure can’t look any cooler.

  • Figure-rise LABO Kotori Minami from “Love Live!” is here!

    Figure-rise LABO releases are always exciting for us. They’re a rare type of model kit that builds beautiful static figures, but at a fraction of the […]

  • The biggest release of February is finally in with this week’s new Gunpla arrivals — it’s the Perfect Grade Perfect Strike Gundam! Based on the PG Strike released back in 2004, this new release includes new […]

  • The PG Perfect Strike Gundam is here! Using molds from an old PG, Bandai has created this version to include additional never-before-released parts.

    (As an aside — if you already have the older PG, you can […]

    • That’s an intimidating looking set of runners.

    • Why no undergates, Bandai and why on the outside of visible places (Mouth, shoulder armor, etc.)? It is a Perfect Grade! Ones again the new gate shape, they introduced 2018/2019, where the nippers easily slip down to the parts and therefore create ugly nub and stress marks on the parts. The straight gate connections, they had before have been way better and where much easier to clean. Cheers to Kotobukiya. Their runners are currently better.

    • PG Strike Gundam, besides LED Exia, was one of my favorite PGs. Really like the design choices for this grade and If I ever wanted a PG, I would probably start with a Strike Gundam. The Perfect Strike would definitely tempting, due to it completing the kit with all the accessories.

  • The HG Soryumaru arrived just last week, the first (and so far, only) of its kind from Bandai! The Soryumaru is one half of a new collaboration between the HG and S.H.Figuarts line — the other half being the […]

  • The latest Ultraman kit — Ultraman Suit Tiga — is on the unboxing table today!

    Designed by Eiichi Shimizu, this kit is the first in Bandai’s new Ultraman Suit Project line. It includes glossy parts and an […]

    • I’m really in two minds about these. On the one hand, they look so damn cool. They update previous designs into such an awesome mech-suit aesthetic. On the other hand, I can’t really see it as an “Ultraman” because of the original design being so smooth and simple… Though, Tiga was my first Ultra series… Hmmm…

    • I personally like the robotic look way more than the old, classic Ultraman designs. This model looks cool, but I’ll probably wait for the Evil Tiga they just announced!

    • One of my favorite Ultraman designs largely due to the cool head design. Also its odd seeing standard Gundam beam sabers with a non-Gundam kit, but it is in a uncommon color so thats awesome.

  • Today on Gunpla TV, the new Gunpla arrivals boast one Todd has been waiting for: the massive MG Fazz in all its glory! This new MG arrives alongside another Ultraman, an LBX kit, and a really special HG kit that […]

  • Introduced last week on Gunpla TV, today we’re unboxing the Dimensional Submarine Set from Space Battleship Yamato 2202!
    The Box

    Bandai treats us to several angles of one of the completed ships, with closeup […]

  • The first real big kit of the year has landed: the MG FAZZ Ver. Ka! Buckle in — this massive box has an equally massive number of parts.

    We’ve even got a size comparison for you:

    Are you ready to see what’s […]

    • I just wondering can you make the old mg ZZ gundam head? does all the part for the head are included? basically we can have 2 different head i hope hahaa.
      For the hand part i see that we also can make complete old hand part with the wing attach on it like zz gundam.

    • That is a beast of a kit.

    • Thank you for the unboxing.

      Still looks shorter in length compare to MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Ka box though. 😆

    • Thats one massive kit. I wonder how long it takes to just build it, let alone do touch ups like decals?

  • We’re back at Wonder Festival 2020 Winter this year, for another round of new announcements! Join us as we take you through the halls of the winter 2020 event, and check out the latest in anime, game, and sci-fi […]

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