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    MechaColle Sub VTOL & Jet VTOL Update #5: Detail Masking

    When using an airbrush to paint details on a single part or assembled structure, you can never have too much masking.

    • The other tip that goes with yours is to NOT thin the paint too much or it will bleed out. For factory-thinned airbrush paints, I pour them in airbrush cup and shoot. No thinner.

    • I’m thinking of switching to an airbrush for painting, since I’ve only used Gundam Markers and Tamiya Sprays. Do you have any recommendations on where to start?

    • You should get an airbrush where the tank to hold the paint is on top of it.

    • Depend on your budget and location. Reason being you can get replacement parts easily if the product is made near you.

      Any dual action airbrush is good. Avoid no names at rock-bottom prices. You can’t find replacement parts. Badger 105 is a good start.

    • That’s not really a problem if you manage to stay within reason of the manufacturer’s recommended ratios when thinning.

    • If you want something super cheap, Testor’s makes a single-action called the Aztek.
      But the best ones to use are double-actions, they allow you to manage the amount of paint coming through and separately from the airflow control.
      More importantly is having a moisture trap and possibly pressure regulator right at the compressor.

    • Ok thanks! I’ll look into dual action and ones that hold paint on top. I’ll see the Badger brand recommendation too. Hope there is somewhere close since I’m in Canada that sells this stuff!

    • Try ebay, amazon and online hobby shops. I get replacement parts there. Local hobby shops are worth a try.

      Another good one to consider is Paasche Talon. I like Badger 105 because the trigger is so soft that I can control precisely how much paint is coming out. Paasche triggers are semi-hard. I’ve dropped the 105 a few times right on the bathroom floor and the tip didn’t bend. 105 has no crown. Paasche has crowns. Do rinse the inner parts and cap the tip after use.