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  • vCJD posted an update in the group Group logo of Boss BuildsBoss Builds 6 years, 3 months ago

    Could anyone possibly recommend some good 1/35 or smaller water slide decals for tanks available from HLJ please?

    • Not as good as an actual recommendation, I know, but you can get a list of 1:35 decals on HLJ by using advanced search… Like this. What kind of tank is it?

    • Tetsujin thank you for the advice, your comments are always very helpful. Think I will probably buy a couple of sets and pray lol.

    • Ooops sorry tetsujin missed the bit at the bottom. It’s not a tank as such, Mg Patlabor Ingram 3, changing the colour scheme and possibly genre of the kit, for the Plamo Comp. Still waiting for it to arrive 😐 so I can actually gauge what I can do to it.