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    Finally, the new episode of Build Fighters is out and about!

    • Just saw it too and I share the same reaction as the characters. A pretty nice WTF moment when they revealed Sei and Reiji’s battle with the Thai champ. I loved how outrageous it was portrayed, especially the Director’s assistant’s reaction after, haha. The next episode looks like it will have another WTF moment too.

      • A WTF moment indeed my friend LOL, but in an amusing way. Well it seems that a Mario Kart rally race is up next for the elimination round LOL. I sense a Takeshi’s Castle theme going on LOL.

        • Absolute craziness I say. The head of the company is really messing with things just to get Reiji out of the competition. The next episode will be something interesting.

    • That episode was… horrendous. It seems to be going downhill if this is what we can expect, can’t believe I waited nearly two weeks for that episode. I know this series is meant to be taken entirely serious, but somethings don’t belong in gundam (won’t say it to avoid spoilers).

    • The episode was decent. I think it could have done without the whole “itchiness” part. That just seems to have been thrown in there cause the writers couldn’t think of something funny to do with the main story. It could have just been left out IMO.

      As for the baseball game, that was a complete surprise. And a pretty cool one to say the least. I also liked how Sei used a RG frame on his Star Build Strike. Anyone else notice this? I wonder if that means that we could possibly see a RG version in the future.

      • It’s possible, considering they can just use the existing RG Strike frame and change the armor around. That and it’s a main suit, haha. I didn’t think of Sei going with an RG frame, though. Looking back at it again, it did look like the SBS had an inner frame. Unless that was just the Plavsky particles giving that effect.

        It is very unusual that things are turning out like this, but personally, I like that they’re shaking things up after 12 episodes of near-constant MS combat. They gave it a nice explanation too, haha.

        • High Grade Build Strike (and hence, also the upcoming HGCE Aile Strike) actually does have a certain amount of “inner frame” inside the forearm. Not really made for decoration (as in MG kits) but more as a way to provide the color separation needed for the elbow and seamless assembly for the white parts of the forearm (the white areas of the forearm are molded as a single “cuff” part which slides into place on top of the gray inner part) The gray parts continue through the elbow joint and upper arm, providing the connection to the shoulder polycap. So you could leave the white armor off a HGCE Strike’s arms and let the gray show through – it just wouldn’t be a particularly attractive “inner frame”.
          So while the “RG system” is clearly a reference to the Real Grade product line, there’s been no indication that the Star Build Strike in the show uses any Real Grade parts.
          Honestly I was a bit disappointed with the episode at first, after the Battle Royale, and Luang’s little demonstration of how to overcome the Absorb Shield I was psyched to see Reiji vs. Luang in another battle – and that didn’t really happen. Plus the Battle Royale was just a really fun couple of episodes anyway. But I agree that they had to change things up – if they just did combat, combat, combat it would probably get boring. And it really was a fun episode IMO. It wasn’t what I was expecting but it was a good time.
          Besides, I love the way Abigorbine wears a hat.