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    Alright comrades, I got a response from Julie @ GSAM. I’ll just forward the message here so you can all read it:

    “I’m sorry for the long delay, but we were closed for the holiday… and it’s the one time of year I make myself take a few days off.

    As for the forum, it is having some more serious problems than we first thought. We thought it would be a minor fix, but then the issues had to get escalated all the way to engineering with Yahoo. I heard back from Mickey last night that he is going to do something else to try to fix it because things still aren’t working. I really thought it would be fixed before Christmas, but it is apparently something bigger going wrong.

    We are working to get things fixed as fast as we can… my hope is that it might be up by late this week or early next week. We aren’t giving up on it… the technical people are just having some problems making it run again.

    Julie :)”

    • Would seem that you beat me to the punch Voltes.

      • thwalker, man, i was so anxious to receive a response from her that I checked my mail box daily LOL… which I normally don’t do. I’m glad we got something. But for now we just have to remain patient.

    • Too bad they won’t tell us what went wrong. Kinda curious to know what happened, haha. Still, it sounds like they’re working on it so perhaps by the end of the January we’ll be up again (at the latest).

      • There was a fatal error in a log file. And there was a problem with the main server that the forum is located on.

        • Sounds like a server crash. I’m kinda surprised it’s taking this long to fix, but that stuff can be pretty severe, especially if it involves a really big crash.

    • Most likely by next week. really’d be shocked if they got it back up by the end of this week but hey that’s pushing my luck as is. Whats important is that we got some (albeit incomplete) information and that theyre fixin it. 😀