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    I’ve recently decided to venture into the world of RGs. As a predominately MG and PG builder I stayed away from HGs because i found them kinda uninteresting. Now that we’ve got several options which would you guys suggest as my first one?

    • For your first one I would recommend one of the two MK-IIs or GP01s. RG frames are super fragile, so if you aren’t used to working with them then there is a good chance that you’ll break it.
      The MK-II and GP01 frame is a lot more durable than many other RGs, so it would make sense to start there.

    • or u can just wait for sinanju

    • I agree with Nick, be extra careful with the inner frame. Also RG have very small pieces (and a lot of them), so expect a lot of work with the nubs.

    • be careful moving the inner frame when building because they can be sometime stiff.It been 1 month, So what did you get for your first RG?

    • Welp, I found an RG 00 Raiser at the local Barnes and nobles and picked it up. Apparently it was a good choice because since then I’ve done the Titan MKII, Redframe Astray, and the EW Wing