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    Holy crap the new FA Gundam MG Ver Ka from thunderbolt looks amazing.

    • I think the zaku also is coming.

      • With the 3.0 and the origins, there are two 78-2’s without the propper opponent. I am sick of waiting for a new char Zaku. They could switch the whole production to a Zaku V3.0 and people would buy the faster they could build em..

        • I have to agree with tou the mg Czaku2 needs a new update the tunderbolt has enough to make it fell diff from the 2.0 but still it suffers from a lot of 2.0 zaku issues

    • yeah that is one MG I can’t wait to buy is the MG FA Ver. Ka

    • The show look nice, Michael Sinternikalas is voicing another character. Ver. Ka. does a lot of good works.