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    What type of tamiya sandpaper is better? because i have P800 and i don’t know if it well make the parts clean or a smooth surface
    • The p800 (or 800 grid) is for finishing the sanding process prior to painting. In other words, it gives a smooth surface.
      What I tend to do for cleaning nubs is; trim the nub down with a knife until there is only a fraction left, sanding the rest with p400, then p600 and lastly p800. Then I prime and paint the parts.
      When not painting, even a higher grid like p1000 and/or p1200 is advised. Then a polishing/finishing file stick or compound to get the color of the sanded area to match the color of the plastic

    • don’t know about better but the higher the number the finer the abrasive and the smoother the finish. On the other hand this also means it’ll be more work and go through your sandpaper faster trying to grind down big imperfections. In general you want to use the highest grit sandpaper that you can that will still grind away the imperfection you want to get rid of, then move up to higher numbers hence the progression to higher numbers. as the sandpaper itself will leave it’s own imperfections to smooth out.

    • Gary replied 6 years ago

      So the high number the better and lower the number the worst, but what would 180 be like?

    • Gary replied 6 years ago

      what are the difference of p400, p600, p800, p1000, and p1200?

    • like I said there isn’t a better. higher numbers are fore finer work, try grinding down a nub from the runner with p1000 sandpaper, then try it with p400 you’ll see that the p400 does it quite a bit faster with far less work. the higher number however will leave the smoother finish.

      as for the difference between the numbers it’s basically the size of the abrasive particles. the higher the number the smaller the particle. p400 you’ll be able to visibly see jagged protrusions from the sandpaper not big ones but you’ll see the roughness on the paper. while if you go up to p2000 the paerwill appear pretty much smooth and even running your finger over it you’ll only feel a slight friction with the sandpaper.