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    What does everyone think the next RG after the Z’gok will be. I think we’ll definitely get the mass production but after that maybe a gouf, GM or probably a 0 Raiser or 00 gundam. That would be good. Exia Repair II would be nice.

    • I’d like to see a Gundam Wing mobile suit get an RG.

      • So would I but i’m not holding out for that but possibly. Wing gundam or Wing Zero (not custom!) would be amazing. I’d so get that and i’m not that fond of RGs tbh although I did just complete the GP01.

    • ZZ would be nice but it’ll probably be a GM or something similar.

      • It’ll most likely be the GM from the art that was released earlier. It’s also quite possible that they’ll release most of the 00 Gundam suits. I doubt it’s a coincidence that Bandai made an entirely new RG frame for the Exia, and then released renders of the Dynames and Virtue.

        • They didn’t make those renders. A Japanese hobby mag made them. Also there are online exclusives for both Exia repair and Exia Trans-Am. More 00 kits will eventually come, but I wouldn’t count on all four of the S1 Gundams anytime soon. We might get one if Bandai follows its usual tick tock pattern for RGs, but the line will remain predominantly UC for the immediate future, especially given the concept art they released back when they first announced the Z’gok (it was Z’gok, GM, Ground Gundam, and Gouf, if I’m recalling correctly).

          • I didn’t say that we’d get all of season one’s cast anytime soon. I was just stating that they’ll release them eventually. 🙂

            • I’m just saddened by the thought that the Gouf Custom (whenever it comes) will probably be an online exclusive. Also I think the Exia shows that 00’s super roboty designs aren’t a good fit for the RG lone’s signature look. Not like that will actually stop Bandai from eventually churning them out though. 🙁

          • I said repair II. Not the one with the cloak thing essentially. The one he uses to fight Ribbons.

            • I was replying to Bossguy’s comment about using the new frame for more than one kit, not your comment about wanting an R2. That said, I’m surprised they haven’t already announced one for P-Bandai, given the other two.