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    Sharing some images of my first custom gundam.

    Picked up the PG Unicorn from HLJ a while ago and finally finished it.

    Calling him “Dark Storm Unicorn” as the inspiration was gray tones you see during a dark storm. Colors were all acrylic Vallejo paints. This was my first time painting with airbrush so it took a while learning as I went along.

    I’ll try and post some tranform mode images later.

    • Correction, Tamiya Acrylics. Had a brain fade for some reason. Used Vallejo primer and a few accent colors.

    • Can i ask how do u solve the scratching paint problem i use pledge but i want to know if there is another way but nice job on unicorn

    • Ya that was a challenge. The approach I took was to do all the parts completely before assembling. Paint, prime, clear, panel line, decals, clear again. Still some sections that I thought would not get much handling I left unprotected, MISTAKE. That’s some of the touch up work I still have to do. I didn’t realize just how delicate the unprotected paint would be. The inner frame I thought was safe, but suffered when assembling.

      thanks for the comment, it’s been fun challenging myself on this one.

    • Oh and I used Pledge for the clear coat too for my clear coats. I put two light coats on for each layer. First really light dusting and the second just to wet so it would level.

    • Syd replied 7 years ago

      Great job. I love this kit just out of the box but your version is just as beautiful if not moreso.