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    Made some mistakes in panel lining that cracked a few parts, unfortunately (aaaaahh). I spent too long doing decals and tried to put together a bare-bones submission, but I’m even then I missed the deadline by about ~1 minute, haha. Missing the final clear coats because of humidity. I’ll take some better pictures after I get sleep.
    • I tried doing one of those dirty/grime washes and I something happened that I dont think I applied my clear coat properly but it did’t come out so I had to use some rubbing alcohol to fix it and it stripped he paint. Luckily I did it on the back of the shield.

      I also went for the matte coat and well I live in Puerto Rico (most humid place in the entire world) and to add to that, its been raining for a whole week. So yeah, my kit’s feet look like they stepped on Frosty the Snowman.

    • Hahaha, yeah! At least it’s a mistake you’ll only make once, right?