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    Should I get PG Strike Rouge or wait and get 30th anniversary PG strike? I am kind of going back and forth between the two and want to make a decision a decision soon. Please help me on this.

    • get PG Strike Rouge

    • I don’t think the clear version is avail. I waited for 3 months and I gave up.

    • If you can gets a 30th anniversary better due to clear parts and internal detailing you can do.

    • Ya, it looks like the 30th Anniversary PG Aile Strike is no longer available but that makes sense as it’s no longer the 30th anniversary. it’s possible a distributor finds some somewhere in which case they’ll restock but other than that you’re probably better off looking at any specialty websites that might carry that sort of thing.

    • I decided to get the PG Strike Rouge. Thank you guys for all your help, really appreciated for you guys input. Thank you guys again.