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    So I have a few updates.

    1: I was able to get the frame parts of the Banshee Norn painted up. I used German Grey for the frame parts, on the 1.0 version I used a Gunmetalish paint. It really made the kit to dark in my opinion. So this time I went with German Grey, it’ll retain the dark scheme of the kit without making it, to dark.

    2: I got another email from MCGundam. She has a tech working on the problem with the forum. And she says that this time, the forum won’t just be restored, it’ll hopefully be fixed permanently.

    • As a huge fan of German Grey, I’m anxious to see those frame parts.

      Regarding the forum, it’s good news but only time will tell if the issue is solved completely. I’m hoping there’s no data loss this time.

    • I’ve been a fan of German Grey since I painted my MG Kampfer with it. It’s great stuff. And I think it’ll really give the Banshee a good look and feel. Better than my 1.0 version anyways.

      And yeah, only time will tell. But hopefully this time it actually works.

    • My Norn arrived yesterday. Holy CRAP there’s a ton of runners in there!

      • I know right. Did you notice the added bonus part that comes with the Armored Armor DE plate?

        • I did not! Explain!

          • If you look at the plate with all the Armed Armor DE parts. You’ll notice a long gray piece with a peg on each end. That part, is what the Unit 3 Phenex HG used to mount the twin DEs onto it’s backpack.

            • No kidding? That’s convenient. Especially since I’m going to pass on the Phenex; too expensive, and the gold plastic is ugly.

              Speaking of gold, I might…MIGHT…paint the Norn’s “crown” with Gundam marker. Should be easy enough; I dig the orange look, but the gold might look a bit better.

              Of course, this is all just idle speculation. The Norn is far down my backlog, and I want to see how your kit comes out first!

            • No way. Are you telling me you’re going to make a Unicorn Banshee Phenex Norn? That will be one HECK of a suit. I’m really excited to see what you do.

              • You’re close. I’m officially calling:
                Unicorn Gundam Unit 04 Dremora

                • I see the obvious TES reference there. The forum can’t get back online soon enough. We need more order to keep track of projects like this, haha.

                  • I agree, the forum needs back up.

                    I’ve contemplated on adding a few areas of very dark red to the Destroy Mode. Just haven’t made up my mind yet.