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    And since everyone is dieing to see it. As was I last night. Here is the head of my Kampfer Amazing. With the custom Mono-Eye installed.

    • hot damn thats nice!

    • Thanks man. I was excited to see how it would turn out. It doesn’t rotate unfortunately, I didn’t have the tools to go that far with the mod. But I’m happy with it.

    • I like that color you used and the mono-eye is very prominent, at least in that pic. It’s got that menacing look for sure. I suppose I should post up the head on mine soon too, haha.

      • Yeah I want to see what yours looks like.

        I’m going to assemble a few of the frame pieces tonight, and tape off the horn and spikes for painting. Hopefully I’ll have enough extra rods to get the last remaining parts ready for paint.

    • Your work lives up to the kit’s name. That Ksmpfer looks amazing!

    • Is that an LED?

      • It’s actually a piece of extra runner. I sized it, cut it, and sanded it down to fit good and snug inside the head. Of coarse, a little cement makes sure that it stays in place.

        • That improves the look of the Kampfer greatly. Well done.

          • That really does improve the look by leaps and bounds, if I don’t decide on doing a visor setup I can so use that idea? I figure I’ll ask as I don’t want to take away from the spirit if the group build.