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    An update on my Kampfer Amazing build. I just clear coated a few parts, including the head. It’s already dry to the touch and it’s looking pretty good. I’m very tempted to put together the head. I’m anxious to show it off to you guys.

    My new cannons also came in today. And just as I feared, the peg that needs to go into the backpack is to small. I’ll have to find a way to extend it.

    • Show off the head. You know you want to. I’ll show off the head on mine too so you won’t feel lonely, haha.

      For the cannons, I wonder if you can just slice the whole peg sections off from the KA’s and cement them to whatever mounts you’ll use.

      • You know you want too come on!
        Hopefully the fix on the cannons will be as easy as what Dlinker suggested.

        Either way I’m looking forward to these pictures the wait is killing me lol

    • you could try cutting sections off the runners and then sanding/gluing them to the end of the peg to try and extend them and show off that head! haha

    • What I have decided to do, is instead of using the peg the cannons came with. I’m going to glue in a piece of runner into the slot where the peg is supposed to go. Then fill it in with putty, sand it smooth, and paint it. I figure that should be a lot more secure than gluing an extension onto an existing peg. I’ll just make one for the right side, and one for the left side.