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    Well since I can’t post this on the forum, I have finally gotten the HG DX to stand on it’s own 2 feet. All I have to complete is the Solar Cannons. They will hopefully be finished tonight. Only sucky part is the barrel to the beam rifle has gone missing. And I have no idea where or when it did. So I guess I won’t be using that little accessory.

    Funny, I finish this kit on my Birthday. haha

    • It looks great. Happy birthday man!

    • A fitting initial gift for your birthday. Looks well-done and very clean, especially the panel lining. Sad thing about the beam rifle though. Maybe it will be a scratch-build project later on, haha.

      Also, happy birthday 🙂

    • Happy Born Day man!

      DX is looking sharp even without the cannons. Looking forward to the full completion.

    • Thanks guys. I’m looking forward to posing this guy with all the panels open. They look pretty cool since I painted them all.

      I’m also looking forward to the next project. Whether it be the Kampfer Amazing, or my Banshee Norn.

    • I’ll just say it again, happy b-day!

    • You could always find a metal barrel, or if you have a local hobby shop look for some of the brass tubing in roughly the right size and use a piece of that. Otherwise, it looks like a pretty common barrel design, you could maybe use the barrel off another gun.