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    Well, I would assume that you all are aware that the forum is down again. I have sent GSaM an email regarding the outage. However, as most you know. There is no guarantee when or even if the forum will return.

    I will go on record and say that I have not received a reply from GSaM in months. I don’t want to hide anything from you guys, but I would not be holding my breath for a quick turn around on this.

    • Well damn it was a good ride while it lasted I hope it does come back up though

      • As do I man.

        • Well depending on how long it takes/if it starts looking rather bleak, I might look into some sort of free forum host and starting a new Forum, I’d extend admin and Moderatorships to those who had said status on the last site, and kind of just allow us to try and rebuild, but let’s see what happens with this first. Hopefully it works out.

          • I’ve dabbled in that thought as well. Though I was looking at the vBulletin site. Pretty expensive.

            • Yeah it is. There are a few free forum places, but they’re pretty meh, but it’d be better than nothing. If I had the income at the moment, I’d look into something better, but I don’t at the moment.


            This isn’t half bad…nice work Grime 90 Deuce

            • I just added it this morning before I left to work. I don’t really have any experience with forums and I’ve only been on Gundam Forums for a few weeks, so, I know it’s missing a bunch of the sections and topics, but if you let me know of sections/topics that need to be on there, I’ll add them. I just thought it would be nice to have a back up until the forum gets fixed. If anyone dislikes the Theme or knows of a better SMF theme let me know. Thanks guys.

    • Zeta replied 8 years ago

      I’m pretty sure that the site will come back online. It’s gone down in the past, yet has always come back up. Here’s a quote I though up of that ought to help ease your minds, “Mankind’s ability to build bridges is unprecedented. Yet, from time to time, nature, fate, or other outside forces seek to destroy said bridges. However, if mankind can build bridges, he can build them again and they’ll be stronger than ever.”

    • Ok, do we not have access to the forum files period?

      If we have access we could atleast move hosts and update the file.

      I have experience with forums as well.

      What I don’t get is why we haven’t moved the forum in the past after this happening. It seems to be kinda common.

    • Basically what the deal is, is this. The forum continues to have these issues because nothing is actually done to FIX them. What happens is when the forum goes down, a person is contracted to fix it. Before, M1ck3y would fix the forum as he was employed by GSaM. That is no longer the case. Therefore another person is hired to “fix” it. What that person does is restore the forum to a previous point in time. Which is why we see the data loss almost every time the forum comes back online. Not because of any error, it’s just like restoring a computer using a restore point. Last time, it was significant because it hadn’t been backed up in a very long time.

      Basically, there is never a FIX. Just a restore. Which in my mind tells me that as the forum moves forward, the same issues are going to keep happening over and over and over. I know this sounds like a rant, and it sorta is. Here, I can talk freely without GSaM big brothering me.

      I’ll also say this. I know on the forum Asterisk and I have Admin status. However we have no extra “power” than any of the other mods. He and I have no backstage access that allow us to do anything more than the mods. He and I have requested time and time again for the basic access to simply activate accounts as the forum continues to show problems with sending out emails to activate new members. And we’re met with nothing. It’s simply very frustrating.


      • Then lets build it from scratch then.

        All we need is hosting, a domain and a forum package.

        I’m down, and I can contribute some funds to get us started.


        Free (most likely ad supported, need to research more) but looks pretty good. The premium ($10/mo) has an import feature. So if we could get the database we could import the data.

      • Zeta replied 8 years ago

        Hmmm… clouded, the Forums future is.

    • So far, their record seems to be good in that they always get the forum back up one way or another. I think the fact that it’s up already (assuming it doesn’t go down again immediately) is a good sign.