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    Ahhh I’ve finally found this group.

    Just finished the recent episode(12) the ending had me a bit teary eyed… I don’t want to spoil anything haha

    • where do i find episode 12, i have only been able to find up to episode 11 on the sites i watch

      • It’s also available on the YouTube channel, although I believe it isn’t available in the US and much of Europe.

    • Daisuki
      I watch it off the app but they also have a website
      It’s on every Sunday

      • Which app? I have Funimation, Crunchyroll, and a few others, but the only way i could find it was , which i don’t know if it is a legal supported way to watch, i only use it if i can’t find what i want to watch threw the means that i pay for. but so far it been a episode behind what every one else has been watching.

    • Daisuki
      Might have to be all caps