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    mg zeta gundam ver 2.0 ive been working on it every night for the last week im trying to base it on some karaba like scheme and rg like detail and yes it might not look it but theres actually three shaded of grey that dark grey and theres two light greys i tried to separate it more clearly but im guessing it didnt work too well but i think it looks damm nice so far lol but overall masking is a pain in the butt 🙂
    • @thebanshee13 Dude you are on a Gunpla building frenzy! Seems like you’re blasting out kits. The Zeta is looking good so far. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Happy building!

    • well im about to go to school soon in like two weeks lol gotta finish up soon ill prob be done by sunday or tmw i hope but thanks

    • @thebanshee13 I completely understand. My classes begin in 1 1/2 weeks too so I have to get as much stuff done XD

    • I love the contrast of blue and white, keep it coming!

    • blue and white? lol i didnt use any white except for the vulcans and two pieces near the arm joints they arent really visible lol

    • props on painting up the marshaller! those figures that come w/ the kits are always so tiny and intimidating; maybe one day i’ll man up enough & try painting some. that aside, your zeta is looking pretty badass! for some reason, the grey reminds me a lot of the c1 when i look at it

    • Sorry, I was meaning grey, not white. The colours were looking a bit lighter when my phone was on power saving mode lol.

    • yeah i understand wht u mean about the pilots i dont really like painting them at all but if its just the pilots with the suits there much easier than the ones without them lol i just use a really thin brush and use enamel paint for the little details since in my opinion enamel is very think unlike tamiya acrlyics so its easier to control in my opinion. anyways thanks