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    does anyone know a site that sells replacement parts broke a piece of sazabi ver ka kinda upset about it i tried gg said they dont sell and then i went to genteikits and it said they only sell until like their part paid 50 or something like that i dont know how to buy it on genteikits since im new to it but just wondering are there any other sites that sell parts too?

    • Genteikits is currently down, due to the enormous amount of orders they’ve been receiving. Wait on that.

      Did you buy the kit from HLJ? If you did, they give free replacement parts for ones broken or defective out of packaging. It’s only for orders placed within the past ten days, though.

      • So gentei kits got flooded because of replacement parts?

        Aww, I got parts from them last month and was thinking of getting more…replacements *wink*

    • Well ,when gentei kits works again its a simple order form (it may change though from what I just seen), order the parts, check emails, then pay the invoice later on, seems odd but it works…but again it may change since now they order the parts like normal customers of bandai replacement parts.