• tetsujin posted an update in the group Group logo of Advanced Modeler – Modeling Competition 2013Advanced Modeler – Modeling Competition 2013 8 years, 9 months ago

    Let’s rock!

    • Gonna blow you out of the water on this my friend =)

      • I’d rather lose in “advanced” than win in “intermediate”. But we’ll just see how things turn out in the end.

      • Honestly, I’m aiming to finish four builds by the end of the year (which may already be pretty unrealistic for me), plus I want to finish up the Zaku Kai for SCGMC… And I can’t use any of that stuff for this contest because of the exclusivity rule, and I don’t plan to scrap my current plans for this contest… So I honestly don’t know what kind of entry I’m gonna be able to put together…. So realistically I don’t expect to do well against the stiff competition the prize package is likely to draw, but I’m gonna try to come up with something competition-worthy all the same.