• Rafi posted a new activity comment 4 years, 8 months ago

    @teetee580 , thank you! Very informative, and yeah I’m on brushes. Unless there is some kind of manual action airbrushing kit, relying on airbrush is hard here as we have a lot of power outages for lengthy periods of time. πŸ™

    I am watching some tutorials and thanks for the recommendations! πŸ˜€

  • Rafi posted a new activity comment 4 years, 10 months ago

    @teetee580 , thanks for all the help! πŸ™‚

    Tested part seems more dry than day before. Lets see what happens after a few days more. πŸ˜€

    • Glad I could be of some help πŸ˜€

      It looks like it is behaving like the Vallejo primer, it then surely will harden in the course of a few days. That’s great to hear, no need for crazy or elaborate solutions which may cause more damage then good.
      Should you need any more advice, please let us know πŸ˜‰
      Good luck and happy building!

  • HamzaGrade posted an update in the group Group logo of Q/A & Help GroupQ/A & Help Group 4 years, 10 months ago

    Thank you for the advice @teetee580

  • LordTouchMe posted a new activity comment 4 years, 11 months ago

    On that note of clear coats, i spray that coat after the primer and then the silver? And after i finish spraying the colors, do i need a sealer or top coat?
    I just don’t want to mess up on the model.

  • Gunpla Joe posted a new activity comment 4 years, 12 months ago

    Hi @teetee580, thanks alot for your detailed and informative tips, much appreciated. As i always line up my stricker from the side way of the eyes part of the kit and hope for the best, yours techniques makes more sense and minimize the chance of ruining the eye sticker.
    I had no idea you can paint the eyes, especially on the 1/144 scale kit, it…[Read more]

  • thebanshee13 posted a new activity comment 5 years, 6 months ago

    Actually @teetee580 the gold is darker than u think its more of a hyaku shiki gold i thought that too when i saw it but i was wrong
    Although trying it on the runner or something is a good idea to do thanks guys

  • thebanshee13 posted a new activity comment 5 years, 8 months ago

    thx i tried that idea @teetee580 but the problem is that the symbol is so very tiny that its impossible to do ive tried it a good solid 7 times (yes i counted)
    thanks for giving me an idea for the banshee daverb and teetee i wasnt too sure but my problem is that my hobby shop doesnt sell mr color they only sell tamiya so i dont think the…[Read more]

  • Hellvin posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    @teetee580 Hello friend. Did you finish the PG Unicorn?I just finished my and boy it was tough.Mainly because I tried to add 12 more LEDs to light up the Unchained parts.It was a failure as they didn’t light up the parts well as not enough clearance,or else would have had to make it non transformable(No way).But am still satisfied with the Bandai…[Read more]

    • Hello Hellvin. I’ve finished my PG Unicorn more then a month ago. And I have to say, I’m also a bit disappointed the biceps don’t light up, and the other unchained parts as well, so I never display it as such.
      I too have some difficulties with transforming the head. From either modes back to the other.
      I did see a review on YouTube by Jabman025.…[Read more]

      • Don’t worry: the V-fin just graze the edges and doesnt harm the paintjob. As for me I will have to gloss coat the head again as I mess it up while fighting with the head trying to look for a hidden articulation in it.
        Btw do you you know how to enable auto light mode of the LEDs?I went all over the internet to finally find the answer in a…[Read more]

  • more of the hi nu done i topcoated all of these parts with some model master flat coat thanks to @teetee580 for telling me tamiya flat coat es no bueno lol but i replaced it…

    [Read more]

  • Well @teetee580 I thought customs would hit me for holding it but it turns out that they were just holding onto it for some reason, no tax whatsoever.
    I love that along with…

    [Read more]

    • Though if I did have to pay a customs fee it would have been a good $100-150 NZD. I do recommend shipping LEDs separate from the Unicorn itself to save money.

    • That’s great to hear!!! This is my first Unicorn, so seeing the box compared to the MG and HG ones makes me realize how big of a kit it is.
      I know how you feel, hope the LED’s come in really quick. I have to wait to get the paint in, gonna paint all the parts individually except the psycho frame of course, so it will take some time before it is…[Read more]

    • Unfortunately I’m no good at painting so this’ll just be a straight build but I’ll be sure to take a picture of all the unicorns together.
      The Unicorn is probably my favorite design in Gundam along with the Turn X and Z’Gok so I’ve picked up every retail release of the Unicorn/Banshee except for the MG Phenex. A little excessive I know :P.

    • acutually i was thinking about that psyho frame would it be possible to paint up the pink with a clear red to make the clear peices darker i mean wouldnt it have a nicer effect instead of that pink i always see

  • thebanshee13 posted a new activity comment 6 years, 2 months ago

    nice load im gunna wait for until next month or february to get it ive still got my own hi nu gundam i gotta do and my sazabi i gotta paint up might i ask u @teetee580 how r u planing on doing the faded purple i was thinking maybe do a section for the funnels line them all up and then use the airbrush to spray up the purple so it looks even and…[Read more]

  • Nick posted a new activity comment 6 years, 2 months ago

    I use the same method as @teetee580 mentioned. It works quite well but if you press too hard then you can end up fraying the tip of the marker significantly. Nothing that a few chops of an exactoknife would fix, though.

  • KTL posted a new activity comment 6 years, 2 months ago

    @teetee580 thanks! Posted some of the build progress over there.

  • Nick posted a new activity comment 6 years, 3 months ago

    So far kept all of my HGUC and RG boxes fully 3D as it’s nice to see them all lined up in order. As for MGs I have about half of them 3D and the other half just the flattened lids like @teetee580 β€˜s ones.

  • Hellvin posted a new activity comment 6 years, 3 months ago

    • I’m thinking really hard on this. As for now, I can only think of two solutions. And that depends on when you want them to light up.
      The first option is when you want to get them light up on the backpack and still want them to be able to be taken off. You could make copper contacts in the “c” hook on the backpack to make contact with the funnels.…[Read more]

      • Thanks for the ideas! I was also thinking about “Pin Connectors” that look like earphone jacks but very tiny! This will be easy to mount on the stand for when the funnels are deployed but am not really keen on how to attach it on the backpack and make it light up. Infact I also got the BTF 12 funnels that also got psychoframe.
        I will try your…[Read more]

        • No worries, I’ll keep an eye out on the site for any updates on the subject. Placing the six funnels that come with the stand and keeping the 12 BTF ones on the Nu can make it somewhat easier. Using those “Pin Connectors” for attaching the six normal funnels to the base is a great idea! I wish you lots of fun building the Nu. I’m sure you will, I…[Read more]

          • I built the BTF funnels and yeah am already having headaches on how to create “unpluggable” parallel circuits to feed each groups of LEDs in each funnel when connected to the Backpack,lolz! I think it’s not feasible without using 6 pairs of pins per funnel. I am really contemplating the idea of making the BTF funnel permanent on the backpack.
            On…[Read more]

  • Oli8all posted a new activity comment 6 years, 4 months ago

    @teetee580 Thanks, i’ve seen your WIP pics… it looks like it coming along nicely. As for weathering i don’t really plan on weathering it, i want this one to be a clean build (like its just come out the factory but might of had a couple of test flights) so i have done some subtle weathering and dry brushing in places (like around vents)- so i…[Read more]

  • Hellvin posted a new activity comment 6 years, 5 months ago

    @teetee580, yep I know, but still thanks for telling me just to make sure, there may me obvious things am not aware of.

  • Hellvin posted a new activity comment 6 years, 5 months ago

    Nice mod, and good advices again from @teetee580. Am finding so much mod on this kit I think am good for the next couple of months as I prefer to concentrate on one kit at a time.

  • drAInbAmAgE posted a new activity comment 6 years, 5 months ago

    Im in the panning stages for something along the lines of “lighting up” the psycho frame on the nu. ive done a little bit of testing and have gotten the best results using something similar to what @teetee580 mentioned with backlighting the pegs. The only difference is i plan on mounting the LEDs long the edge of the frame part (perpendicular to…[Read more]

  • X posted a new activity comment 6 years, 5 months ago

    @teetee580 hahaha i tested it out on a painted kit, i used a super fine gundam panel liner marker. grey. and the pour type also grey. it worked… for the most part, but when cleaning it up… i used 91% isopropyl alcohol, and after a few wipes it started to dull my paint. i think this might be because it was a matte clear coat? so i think im goi…[Read more]

    • @X,
      Before panel lining and decal always use a gloss coat. Gloss has no pigment in it which will result in a smooth surface, resulting in better flowing of the ink of the marker and no silvering of the decals because no water can get trapped underneath the decals.
      A matte coat has some pigment in it which “floats” on the surface of the coat thus…[Read more]

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