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  • teetee580 posted an update in the group Group logo of What just arrived from HLJ??What just arrived from HLJ?? 5 years, 3 months ago

    Just came in this afternoon…. Christmas came early this year 😀
    • Nice! Mine is sitting in the private warehouse till next payday when I can pay for the shipping. Enjoy and post some photos of the build

    • Thanks! I’ll do that. Will take some time though, as I have to finish the MG Hi-Nu Ver.Ka first. Only the fin funnels have to get a spray of faded purple….
      Hope your one gets quickly to you. Hope you’ll enjoy it as well

    • Thanks man. Yeah I’m working on the HGUC Full armor Unicorn at the moment to set things off. This is going to be my first PG how about yourself? I was going to pick up the MK2 for an Xmas gift for myself then they announced this and I was like yeah MK2 can wait another year.

    • Looking good, it’s looking like I’ll be waiting a little longer on mine as customs may be trying to charge me for the Unicorn. Fortunately not the LEDs as well.

    • This will be my 2nd PG. The first was the Astray Red Frame. And at the same time, it was my 1st Gunpla. I was also thinking of picking up an other PG, but couldn’t decide LOL. There are too many awesome PG’s….

    • Damn, that’s a shame. Hoped you could skip taxes all together by shipping them separately.
      Dutch customs did a good number on me as well. About $100 US. Had to pay taxes over the kit, as well as over the shipping costs… And they billed me for “calculating” that amount. And then there is the postal office. They want money too for picking it up at the customs office…. Over here, everything outside the EU with a worth over $15 US gets billed… 🙁
      Hope they’ll go easy on you! Good to hear they didn’t charge you for the LED’s! I’m glad you thought of sending them separately.
      And to think there are countries where they don’t charge you if it are hobby supplies or “toys”.
      Ah well, as long as we get our PG Unicorn … Hope yours arrives soon with not too much extra costs!

    • nice load im gunna wait for until next month or february to get it ive still got my own hi nu gundam i gotta do and my sazabi i gotta paint up might i ask u @teetee580 how r u planing on doing the faded purple i was thinking maybe do a section for the funnels line them all up and then use the airbrush to spray up the purple so it looks even and then use white to fade it but if there are better ideas id like to no too anyways have fun with the beast of possibilty that is endless

    • Thanks @thebanshee13! Hahaha, I know I’ll have fun with that beast LOL.
      I was thinking doing it the same way, but only starting with the white first. Being that the purple is a stronger color than the white, it’ll take more coats of white to cover the purple.
      I hope the Unicorn will be in stock when you plan to order it, gonna order the LED’s too?
      Curious to see how your Hi-Nu turns out, and of course your Sazabi, as I’ve seen your awesome paint jobs before. I wish you good luck and lots of fun with them