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    Alright, so this is my first gundam built, after a looong hiatus of 5-6 years now?

    Ok so i basically bought like 2-3 high grades to oil up the old gears and get back into gunpla building before i move on to my unopened towers of MGs and a PGs. And this is the first one so far. (man i know I’m like 18 years old but its still hard to find the time to build gundam, being in year 12 and all)

    and ohh boy did it take a long time for just a small High Grade. (albeit i had school so was only able to work bits and pieces of him for like 30 minutes a day)

    I just realised how long it takes to build one gundam.

    It especially took AGES just to sand down the nub marks and get rid of the nub marks and stuff.

    jesus christ. NOTE: no topcoat was added as i didn’t purchase any yet and yeah i know, the panel lines are a bit messy..

    I painted the eyes, and experimented with a few techniques on this one such as painting, but i realise i can never get into hand brushing so bought myself a airbrush (not used on this kit, not even opened yet lol)

    Very happy with the results of the eyes, i used a gundam marker to paint the eyes and then used the panel line gundam marker to colour the outer sides of the eyes.

    • That’s the HG X Moah right? If you like it you should try the Master Grade. It is ridiculously easily to build, I had a harder time with the 1/100.

      • haha hey, yeah it is a gundam X maoh HG. Nah i only bought this guy to oil my gears in building gunpla, not a fan of Gunpla X and i only bought him cause he was the only high grade build fighters left at the store i went to. otherwise would have picked up the star build strike or something else. 😀