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    Hello there gunpla community. I just got a gundam kit recently and I want to custom paint it. I want to ask if anyone knows what kind of topcoat to use for applying decals and make it have a nice finish to it. I’ve researched this already, but I want some opinions on people who have done it for a while.

    • tbh what type of top coat depends on what type of kit it is. Most kits tend to look good in flat clear tho so I’d have to recommend that. . .

    • Firstly, once you painted the kit, a GLOSS coat must be applied or else you’d have “silvering” (makes the decals look horrid), once decals applied ON TOP OF THE GLOSS apply another gloss or matte to finish (although some here report silvering with straight to matte on top of decals could gloss again then matte over or stop at the second gloss if you’d like it shiny instead).

      I had no issues with gloss>decal>matte though, just remember to gloss, then decal 😉